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BOMBSHELL Video Evidence of Secret Illuminati Corporation More Wealthy Than the Combined Wealth of All Nations on Earth

Posted on January 22, 2011 at 5:35 PM

Posted on 21 November 2010

by CK Hunter

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Each day I examine dozens of articles, posts, essays, videos and the like doing what I do. Once or twice a year something, by the sheer grace of God, manages to squeak through and ends up on the internet where John and Jane Doe can see for themselves that things are not at all as they seem, either here in the USA, or overseas in Great Britain.

The extraordinary video you are about to see really needs little explanation if you have eyes to see and ears to actually hear what is being said. The first gentleman giving his report to Parliament is Lord James of Blackheath. This video was recorded on November 1st. [Here's a link to his voting record.]

The second gentleman, during the course of making an effort to try to present what he knew to Parliament, without divulging who and what “foundation X” was, or is, practically choked on his words in anxiety and fear.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. And grown men cannot “fake” being this afraid and gravely concerned for the future of both the UK and for the United States. We are apparently literally months away from some sort of global financial chain reaction collapse, a worldwide “domino effect” that may make September 2008 look like a dismal dress rehearsal.

The Vatican is mentioned at one point, and it is revealed that their gold bullion holdings exceed all the gold bullion holdings of all the governments of the world. Did you know this? I certainly did not.

For those who insist that the “Illuminati” is a myth, an internet urban legend, or just a whacked out conspiracy theory, I present this video. Only someone who has a pathological need to avoid the truth at all costs would refute the eye witness accounts of these two British Parliamentarians, who obviously knew much more than they felt comfortable in disclosing.

CK Hunter

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Another BOMBSHELL video that I located in 2009 provides hard evidence that new world order elites have been building sophisticated underground tunnels for their own survival should a manmade or natural disaster, such as a pole shift, make life on the surface of the earth unbearable:


FRAUD, Corruption, CIA, Nazis, EU & Illuminati - Whistleblower's Sudden Death

The first gentleman in this video, giving his report to Parliament, was found dead just 21 days after this video was recorded on November 1st, 2010.

Second gentleman, Lord James of Blackheath, describes a Private 'Foundation' which has more money than all the governments of the world put together. This 'Foundation X' (there's a clue) is willing to bail out the world 'for nothing'. What a lovely sounding old Lord this man is, but could he be seriously naive?

Why is all this so top secret? It cannot be regarded as a real, honest offer by a Private Group of people, who could never have achieved such an amount of money by honest means (the first gentleman explains). If such a Foundation exists, it can only have gained this amount of wealth over a very significant period of time, and such wealth, we can assume, has been ill-gotten. What outrageous conditions are there going to be? Haven't we had enough? Why don't we just take them out?

And lastly, WHO are these top-6 people of the world? HOW can there be only 6 people with a Worldwide top security clearance? From what nations, and why are these people so desperate to hide their identity? (sounds like the same bloodlines that set up the Federal Reserve, so now you know that this is likely to be another "boiler-room scam").


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