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We Are in the Shift

Posted on February 8, 2011 at 12:51 PM

Message from James Gillland

~ Update On the Shifts ~

1 February 2011

The Earth's destiny is to join the rest of the universe in peace and live in harmony with each other and their environment. The benevolent ancient Gods, Saints, Sages, Angels, Ultradimensionals and the Elemental Kingdoms are all working in cooperation with this process.

It is time for humanity to join the rest of the kingdoms in this process. There are a few regenerate beings still out of alignment with this process yet through a natural evolutionary process and with help from on high these regenerate forces human and nonhuman are being exposed and healed.

In some cases with extreme resistance they are being removed or are removing themselves due to refusal to adjust with the new energies. These incoming energies are part of a natural process.

This solar system is moving to a new highly charged place in space. There are planetary alignments and Galactic Core alignments underway which are affecting the Sun; which is in its process. This process will have a direct impact on Earth on every level. There is a vibrational lifting a rise in frequencies known as the awakening and healing process; which is well underway.

The social, economic and physical Earth Changes are a part of this process. The mass cry for freedom from the tyranny of the international banksters, the global elite and their puppet leaders is just one of many examples of this process.

This is going to continue despite every effort to control the masses. The forces and frequencies behind this awakening and healing process are beyond comprehension. There are only two options in the days to come. Align with the awakening and healing process or find a new physical expression. Resistance to these new frequencies and energies is futile and there is no bunker, mountain top or army of body guards that will save one from this process.

One cannot hide from their karma, deeds and denials. The massing of great wealth and power will also be to ones own detriment. Shifting ones assets into the awakening and healing process, helping others and the environment is the only path left for those who have amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth.

The masses are awakening despite all attempts to terrorize, dumb down, confuse and in some cases euthanize them. The great wave of Unity Consciousness is just around the corner. March 2011 is the end of the frequencies of tyranny and separation. There will be a time compression and what used to take years will take weeks to manifest. Suppressing truth, acting in ways that are harmful to humanity and the Earth will have almost instantaneous consequences.

The Earth is going to react violently in some cases during this process. You are seeing an exponential increase in severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity yet his will also be within the time compression accelerating these events in severity and number. In May I would take any dreams of major water movement very seriously. This has already begun on a smaller scale.

Make your own personal Spirit, God, Creator connection. Move with the inner guidance with loving detachment. There is more information to come stay tuned. Be Well

James Gilliland


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