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The Reign Of Brilliance

Posted on August 2, 2011 at 6:17 PM

By Damon Zex

1 August 2011

The human race is hovering on the brink of a new golden age where individual intelligence and mercurial ingenuity will take this species to plateaus currently unimagined.  Although from a short sighted perspective this may seem if not impossible highly unlikely given the plethora of inanity gracing this planet's current condition, the very real force of evolution will have the final say in a drama of competing energies, some positive, others negative, all tugging at the directions appearing before us.  Clearly, at this point in time the abundance of entropy is overwhelming, warping decision making on every level as well as social systems which have been in place for centuries.  On all fronts - religious, military, economic, and intellectual - we have witnessed major setbacks ensuring a massive retrograde motion controls the momentary boundaries of history.  In fact, this has been so widespread there is barely an avenue of human endeavor not currently polluted by forces specifically designed to bring destruction to what could be enlightenment.  Many would say that in the face of explosive chaos to speak of a world ready to awaken is a sign of naive optimism infecting a mind refusing to accept the terrible truth before us.


While antiquated systems of organized behavior are finally crumbling to dust at the commencement of the next evolutionary era, the seeds of awareness are secretly taking root among the ashes of this disintegrating edifice.  What constitutes oblivion for many lost in endless distraction for others opens a doorway for parts of the brain previously untouched.  In many ways technology has been the primary fulcrum ensuring either choices displaying intelligence or vast ignorance are made.  For the first time in human history every member of this species can communicate with any other member regardless of geographical location.  The long term effect of this linkage will generate an interconnected collective consciousness freeing knowledge and identity from the confines of space and time.  Since the earliest single cell creatures billions of years ago, it has been the goal of advancing life to overcome those barriers blocking freedom of motion and action.  Why certain creatures managed to develop mechanisms essential for adaptability and other obstinate animals simply refused to advance, becoming extinct, remains a mystery we will never solve.  Similarly, within our very short span as the dominant animal in this ecosystem, why certain beings transcend destructive tendencies and others are swept away by paths directly leading to oblivion can never be precisely understood even as its veracity is appreciated.


Every technological advance, although neutral in itself, breed constructs enabling higher perfection as well as devolution in the worst possible circumstance.  Certainly, those forces controlling the advertising end of these scientific eureka moments are only concerned with immediate mercantile gains, not caring if what they thrust into the unsuspecting consumer's lap is not just individually detrimental but as a whole lowers the mean intelligence of the group.  No organic animal could possibly, without an identity firmly rooted in a complete mind/body connection, endure the sort of media bombardment high speed electronica can conjure.  Most average homo sapiens will be drawn to a bedazzlement moving at a rate not duplicated anywhere in nature.  Nowhere under normal circumstances do we watch light and sound move with a fury we are beginning to accept as commonplace within the domain of telecommunications.  If a person is already addicted to the type of knee jerk reactionary conditioning Western culture has designated its benchmark, the moment the rate of this mania is increased, the automatic response will be to absorb as much of this new virtual world as possible, never thinking to stop the pinwheels trying to procure its complexity.  Only those who either practice a discipline like yoga or martial arts or those who adhere to the magnificence of pure thought will be strong enough to cut through this image factory like the illusion it truly is.


The current socio-political structure ensuring mass manipulation guarantees the dominion of a supply/demand curve assumes taking advantage of ignorance will foster a rock solid control of its serfs across its confines.  The "bread and circuses" phenomenon of Ancient Rome has been applied on a level no controller of a pre-technological nation state would imagine possible and if all the great tyrants of our past could watch the insidious manipulative skill of those running this current society, only envy would consume their hearts.  In general, what has replaced the grand ego managing authority from a throne room is a new breed of fat cats lacking the aesthetics of nobility but possessing greed as great as any glutton of the preceding age.  While modern day peasants are perpetually impressed by those sparkling jewels dangling in front of their dazed faces, the controllers masterminding this high tech penal colony seek the same degree of wealth all rulers from centuries past managed to procure.  As the myth of equality is used to subdue the already lethargic, those shapers of this social stagnation assume a position of unchallenged authority, believing acquisition is the only real reason for living.


No one who seeks to dominate civilization wants its subjects to experience real cognitive advancement.  No intelligent society, truly wise to those scoundrels out to seize the secret centerpoint of power would endure the notion a mere handful of its inhabitants are holding back a better world for selfish personal gain.  Therefore, only by keeping the powerless preoccupied with more information than they can handle will the threat of collective advancement be successfully thwarted.  At moments of enlightenment if conflicts or global war can be used to distract those ready to accept real change as not only a possibility but a necessity, the real victory of those controllers convinced of their own manifest destiny will become a certainty.  If enough new toys can be pumped into the public arena comprised of those dumbed down to prepubescence, the mouths of babes will be silenced.  By making every consumer believe acquiring the latest gizmo represents an implicit status, the circular maze trapping them in this vicious cycle of consumption will be complete.  As long as superficial change is transformed into theatrical necessity, the notion of individual identity in most cases will be denoted by which props most closely match a mind's aesthetics or style.  The principle of giving the people what they are told to want will keep them in a timeless state of psychological infancy.


The irony of this dynamic between those accumulating points and those craving trinkets is that both are actually the losers in evolution's ascension.  At first glance, one would think those holding cornerstone positions in this unfair structure must be supremely victorious at the expense of those deluded by ad hoc demands.  In order to understand the twisted nature of this co-dependence it is essential that one possessing discernment step back and realize that what is being described is a single power structure, one pyramid composed of a unified substance is about to shatter.  Whether one is at the top or bottom of this continuum is completely irrelevant.  The key for those wishing to survive its collapse is to maintain a calm removal from any need associated with its magnitude.  Any system that is destined for destruction cannot be trusted, regardless of where one falls within its parameters.  Those who have been reduced to subsisting creatures clinging to any new strand of invoked excitement are feeding those gluttons falsely believing acquisition secures survival with a sort of fossil fuel ultimately lethal to those addicted to its deceiving succulence.  There is no difference between a controller believing victory equals accumulation and a neophyte chess player thinking the goal of the game is to acquire the most pieces.  The mistake both make is the confusion of amount with mastery.


Anyone who has closely studied human history will notice that as each system draws to a close before a real revolution, the imbalances inherent in that structure become increasingly obvious.  Like a game played to its fruition, the final results of winners and losers are clearly displayed in their full magnificence.  Right at that moment those appearing nearly omnipotent reach the summit of their journey up the ladder of opulence, the superstructure allowing for this climb shatters all parameters and axioms within its confines.  Whether one studies the slave trades of the ancient world, feudal society, or the industrial revolution, the same expansion and mutated exaggeration display a means to an end becoming its own Achilles heal.  No one entranced by the power pyramid at hand ever imagines the inevitability of its demise.  Those rulers living in lavish excess are as ignorant of the impending cataclysm about to dethrone them as are those subjects brainwashed to believe consistency is synonymous with efficiency.  Again, in both cases notions of comfort and security blind insight to evolution's demands of rapid adaptability and tectonic transformation.


Only those highly advanced entities who intuitively understand the fallacy of equating accumulation with survival will be ready for the next chapter of history about to grace this planet's surface.  Whereas those destined to become evolutionary dead ends have become fossilized by the incubators furnishing phony advancement encasing their weakened spirits, the individuals who are learning to walk onto a new land allowing sentience to prosper are ready to inherit a world awaiting their intersection.  With each new age the rules of survival drastically alter to ensure life deals with its environment using energy in unprecedented manners.  While technology becomes an illusion machine for some and a toy for others, another group will harness undreamed of cognitive faculties ignited by its presence.  The current problem with those entrenched in the novelty of mass produced shiny glitter drugging their senses is that they are losing their sentience through a means to an end.  When we allow identity to become a subset of externals defining who we are, we are forgetting that unless matter is subordinated to mind, consciousness loses its validity as the driver guiding the life force across infinity's road map.


Those who will prosper in the coming golden age about to blossom across this planet must first and foremost realize that nothing impinging on our senses is greater than the thought process analyzing this endless array of data.  The current age of monetary might is based precisely on an opposite doctrine.  For perpetual production of consumables to maintain its hierarchical position as the superior principle of the modern world, the importance of individual sentience must be reduced to an infinitesimal point on a supply/demand curve always placing economics above health.  Anyone observing the obesity and intellectual dullness of the bulk of present society cannot deny the end result of this fallacious perspective.  This demonstration of how the industrial revolution fused mass production and consumption with the reduction of personal character has lead to the current devastating display of humanity's dark side in the present.  Any person retaining mental clarity during the zenith of this consumer frenzy will automatically be at odds with the expanding mass generating this sordid spectacle.  The first instinct or immediate reaction to how modern media bombardment has robbed the masses of refinement may be to run away from the technology capturing the witless in its maniacal web.  However, those who take this course of action are as hopelessly lost as those magnetized to its shallow veneer.


Real advancement requires a thorough understanding of how to use the new tools at our disposal to enhance mental faculties which have been lying dormant since the inception of this species.  Instead of viewing ourselves as mere receptacles of a cybernetic world rapidly infecting every aspect of our existence, we must regard our ability to bridge space and communicate with others across the planet as the commencement of a new age where these technological training wheels will ultimately awaken the true gifts of consciousness.  Cyberspace is a mere introduction to building lines of energy linking individuals who would otherwise be lost in provincial isolation.  Eventually, the brain will actually learn from the principle of multi-dimensional mental intersection occurring inside virtual reality and develop these skills of lightening speed linkage unaided by these devices.  The desire and need for superlative intelligence to interact and connect despite current barriers grounding beings within specific locations will lead to a telepathic and telekinetic revolution where the true treasure chest of consciousness will open.  In order for this type of evolutionary leap to manifest, the past notions of what constitutes importance to this species must be discarded.  No one lost in the labyrinth of acquisition or bedazzlement will ever be able to advance in a manner befitting humanity's true birthright.  Compared to the awakened energy implicit in the desire for global sentience to unify, diamonds and rubies lose all value, being nothing more than plastic props of a distant age.


Any advanced form of theater does not require a cloaking in costumes transforming the purity of its minimalism into parody.  Similarly, primary characters possessing innate brilliance do not need the trappings of those fools bathed in meaningless abundance.  Therefore, we are at an impasse on this planet between two modes of living.  If the real forces of evolution are to ultimately triumph, ensuring the propulsion of the life force into unknown territories of being, those supporting a system weakening the constituents of society cannot be allowed to maintain their control of civilization by manipulating ignorance across its terrain.  The unfortunate beings who shrug their shoulders with the weight of pessimism have allowed the ugliness empowering those in control to manufacture a cynicism ensuring their intelligence not participate in a transformation of the life force which must inevitably manifest.  The double edged sword of rapid technological advancement fueling this malaise must not be viewed as a source of ethical argument but as an outer component essential for intelligence to gaze into a mirror of its own imagination.  What becomes a drug for one is a tool for another.  The only way to understand the nature of discovery is across a time span where its true necessity can be properly observed.


It would be all too easy to discard the machinations of this over populated planet and site countless cases where its populations are worse off than at any other point on record.  The entropy effect emerging like a massive super nova sweeping across the globe must occur to ensure the value system the decaying structure promotes can be clearly seen as defective.  If humanity did not have its periods of decay, there would be no way to overhaul the structures denoting any particular communal phase.  When the real deterioration of strength and power through an endless swallowing of wealth and luxury's sugars clearly display the error of this descent into superficial sensation, this will ultimately serve as a referent of disorder to all future generations.  Before we can tread across a new ocean of electric discovery, wee must clearly see the end result of adhering to habitual stubbornness dictating exactly the wrong answer to evolution's multiple choice test.  As painful as this "via negativa" lesson may be, it is the only way for those possessing elevated refinement to empirically know what feels like the wrong road is in fact exactly the incorrect avenue of pursuit.  Those brave spirits who have refused to be lured into the social quicksand supporting what at first appears an all powerful glistening marble pyramid will look back at this time as an example of what to avoid.  Only by directly deducing the exact causes of mushrooming pandemonium will the age that survives this dark storm cloud be able to endure.


No outer manifestation of material power equals the force of pure thought.  The ability to use this tool of sentience and combine its output with individual will allows the mind to bend all reality.  As antiquated systems of determining worth are forever omitted from an enlivened collective consciousness, a new means of determining real value will rise to the surface of cognition.  Just as an infant gradually advances and outgrows its clothes and toys with each developmental crawl up a social stairway, this entire species, regardless of its obstinacy, if it is to survive, must cast off concepts no longer allowing for its spectacular journey in the phenomenal world.  This process of maturity is often demarcated with disasters and tests specifically created to prove strength can overcome future obstacles.  Evolution usually is a result of necessity arising from drastic change determining the difference between strength and weakness.  In most cases the greatest leaps of advancement occur after or during the survival of a crisis.  Once the test has been successfully passed, the true fruits of this laborious task enter perception through the doorways now unlocked and opened by a timeless will to survive.


In the final analysis, reason dictates that intelligence will ultimately triumph over ignorance as life continues its quest of advancing awareness.  While the darkest storm clouds produce a dense mist temporarily obscuring this absolute realization, the opposite may appear to permanently be the case.  However, the fool can only pretend to sit on the throne and proclaim sovereignty for so long.  Eventually, a real awakening directs those beings refusing to accept the nonsense of a dark age to oust this idiocy from its encampments and return sanity to the forefront.  Real excellence and genius can only be diminished by those feigning invoked authority until the need for innovation in thought and being completely overthrows a tyranny of pretense and decay.  The lines of energy forming a lattice structure of communal insight across a planet emerging out of its earthly caves are amplifying the drive of every superior being to free civilization from its rusting shackles.  The time is fast approaching when a real shift across the human panoramic spectrum will permanently end a confinement consuming its own shadows and a new citadel will be erected where enlightenment will prevail, ushering in the next act of this incredible play known as the reign of brilliance.

Damon Zex is an avant garde performance/video artist

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