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What you are experiencing now is a prelude to limitless joy

Posted on September 1, 2011 at 4:50 AM

By Saul

Channelled through John Smallman

31 August 2011

All over the world major changes are occurring which are leading up to your grand awakening. As you know, it is a done deal that cannot be prevented, and when it happens joyous amazement will delight you all as your faith in God’s promise to you is completely vindicated.  To be finally without doubts and anxieties will be a permanent and most uplifting experience.  You have carried the Light of God within you through times of great suffering and stress, and it is about to burst forth in exhilarating brilliance to welcome you Home at the end of your long journey.

Presently, during these last moments in the dense fog of the illusion, many of you are feeling very tired and stressed out as your anxieties seem to be intensifying. This has to do with the raising of the frequency of your energy fields as you release the remainder of the unloving attitudes which you had kept deeply buried below your level of conscious awareness, because they were extremely disturbing and unacceptable to you.  They have been part of you for so long that letting them go seems almost like a betrayal, similar in a way to changing loyalties by moving from one political, cultural, or religious persuasion to another. You change because it is a matter of personal honesty and integrity.  It is a change you know you have to make, and yet you will be leaving a group that you had strongly supported and which had supported you, and to which you still feel a sense of allegiance.

Making major changes like this is stressful.  Within yourselves a growing awareness brought to your attention the need to make these changes, but the thought of doing so was frequently very uncomfortable and led you to doubt the desirability of carrying them out.  It seems to be a jump into the unknown that could have dire consequences, and yet you know that you must do it.  When you make the move the benefits for which you hoped may not be readily apparent, and you may perhaps wonder whether you have made an enormous mistake.

In the illusion it is akin to moving, changing your employment, or terminating a relationship; and frequently it is only after a considerable time has passed that you can see whether or not it was a good move to have made.  This is what is driving your anxieties now as you adjust your attitudes and behaviors to be only loving.  It makes you feel vulnerable, unsafe, and insecure as the familiar falls away, your frequency rises, and you discover unpleasant aspects of yourselves that had long been hidden from you in denial or repression.

However, what you are experiencing now is a prelude to limitless joy.  You are releasing all the damaging aspects of yourselves that hold you firmly in the illusion so that you can float free and unencumbered into the divine energy fields with which you truly resonate, and where you belong.  So, release, release, and release, all enmities, judgments, resentments, and grudges.  Forgive yourselves and all others, indiscriminately, without retaining any charge on the issues, circumstances, or people you are forgiving.  Forgiving totally in this way frees you totally to be in joy at all times.  It allows your frequencies to rise so that you can float easily and comfortably into the awakened state, because you will then be able to feel the divine energy field that surrounds you and know that you have every right to be there because you are essential, eternal, and priceless parts of it.

With so very much love, Saul.

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