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"As you transmute the News, as you Play a Role in Action Politics, As you ASK and ALLOW from the Matrix, World Peace, continue to challenge yourSelf to raise Higher. Continue to spring clean, pursue only things which bring you joy, change your habits to reflect the new understandings you have integrated. Take steps to heal things which require healing. At this time of Quantum Change take every effort to experience Joy, Bliss, Ecstasy, Laughter and Love every last moment as we usher in the Great Shift together. Each moment you spend in balanced happiness is a moment we come closer to the Collective Consciousness walking past the Separation of Worlds into No Time." ~ St Germain (channelled through Beth Trutwin, ‘As Timelines are Erased We Take on Our New Place in the Federation of Worlds,’ 25 March 2010, www.GalacticRoundTable.com).
"I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings of my true self. Why was that so very difficult?" - Herman Hesse (Demian).

"Hello. Good to see all of you again and looking so bright. You have all been applying yourselves, I can see. You’ve been going through your transformations and changes. It is very joyful for us to see all of you so sincere in your path and so open in your hearts. We will do our best not to disappoint you. know that all the work you are doing in meditation and in opening yourselves will be rewarded. So relax yourselves, be comfortable and enjoy yourselves. Let yourselves be a little bit loose this evening, not too frivolous and not too serious. And don’t forget to breathe occasionally.” – Archangel Michael (channelled thought Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. A Guide to the Ascension, Oughton House Publications, CA, US, 1990, p.77).

I will gradually be adding the numerous articles and excerpts I copied into two notebooks during 2009 for my own personal use and reference to this toolbox. This is to support those people who are fortunate enough to be guided to this hotspot and save them the time and trouble of scouring the web and collating their own library of new practical and effective alchemical resources. One thing I might add is that I don't do 'complicated' techniques so what you will find in these pages are simple and easy to use. Damn...it's hard enough experimenting, remembering and developing a discipline as it is!

It is looking like spiritual tools (or ‘metamorphic techniques’ as Lazaris might say) are fast becoming survival tools that people can no longer afford to ignore. Ascending in frequency by doing whatever is necessary to flow with the increased energies arriving on Earth enables us to break through to the other side and embody the new consciousness with its love and its joy. But the old patterns of consciousness are kicking and screaming, causing mayhem. Conditioning our bodies and minds to accept new energies requires time and practice. It has to be drummed into us but I don't believe in monotonous routine. I prefer to explore and choose from a range of options and continue to try different things. You can go and get healing, spiritual attunements, DNA activations and whatnot from various sources but it is up to you to study, meditate and create your own unique alchemical practice as well. This toolbox really is a library or, rather, a gallery, for anyone - both new and advanced practitioners - to find and borrow 'programmes' to work with.

No doubt, like me, you will find that, while you might try some things just once, others will form part of a regular practice or integrate into you daily invocations. Some you may fall completely in love with while others may not feel right for you at all. Some may fade away only to reemerge again, perhaps temporarily, perhaps intermittently. Some may become such a part of your daily life or routine that that they no longer feel like 'special practices.' Indeed, ultimately, spiritual disciplines ought to be a natural expression of one's...Spirit! You might also consider using the longer practices once a week or once a month. Everything counts and this is a good way to reinforce your committment to the Ascension process. My advice is to set a firm intention but be intuitive at the same time so you remain fluid and open and do what you feel is right at any given time. Thus combining the masculine and feminine sides of yourself in harmony. Don't push yourself or be
rigid or forceful. Relax and play. Have fun. Improvise and adapt some of the tools to your own requirements over time. Also, don't be afraid to use them in conjunction and create a new one that is an expression of your character. Don't forget to dance regularly and don't forget to ask your guides and the many angels, masters and other beings for help. Oh yeah...and love, love, love!

“The promise of Ascension is the hidden heritage and legacy of the human condition, the fulfilment of humanity's evolutionary blueprint. You can go about your human lives, with your consciousness confined to the limitations presently imposed by your physical body, or you can learn the mechanics by which those limitations can be released, and begin to experience the reality of freedom that is the comprehension of yourself as soul.”

– From the Voyagers books (2001) by Ashayana Deane which are “translations of the Pre-Atlantian Cloister-Dora-Teura Record Plates of 246,000BC, the original teachings of the Law of One, together with those of the Eieyani Priests of Ur and the Freedom Teachings inherent to the Emerald Covenant.” (Published by Azurite Press of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order. A word of caution though: it has come to my attention that these channelled teachings appear to be 'carefully plotted' to deceive through disinformation about various issues including the nature and motives of Archangels Michael and Metatron).

“We know most of you have doubts about yourself, wondering if you are on the right path. If we could only pull that veil aside for a second we would show you the great beings that you are. You would not be sitting here, you would not be in a physical form, if you were not one of the highest vibrational beings on this planet. And you have the greatest opportunities of all those beings trying to come into planet earth right now because this change was planned for a very long time. And many of you wanted to be there at exactly the right point to watch the miracle happen. It is happening. It’s taking place right now. Don’t even wait for the 12-12-12. Open that door and watch this evolution take place. Make it your own. Create it your way. Set your rhythm to something that is comfortable for you. Set your pace at your own. And, if you’re not happy with that rhythm and that pace, dare to change it because that is the piece that humans never do. Once you find a pattern to go through you repeat your successes over and over and over and over. And now we are going to help you find successes in many areas at the same time.” - The Group (channelled through Steve Rother,The Rhythm Method,’ August 2011, www.lightworker.com).

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favour all matter of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

- W. H. Murray (The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951).

"Share this material with your friends, form groups to play with the exercises, talk about ascension to whomever will listen (and to those who won't). It's important that everyone knows what's happening, otherwise we may face mass confusion. You are collectively entering the glorious conclusion of a glorious experiment, and the stage is set. The entire universe is poised in anticipation, so play your parts with joy." - Serapis (An Ascension Handbook, 1991, p. xv. I highly recommend this indispensible book btw!)

"I ask you to radiate the love and light of the Creator in your homes and in your lives. Fill people's hearts with joy so that they may raise their own vibration. For this task, I do not want you to use material objects to bring beings joy. instead, imagine a golden light coming down from the Creator through the top of your head and into your heart. Then shine this light out to whoever or whatever sitation you feel would benefit from your light. You can even do this when you are standing talking to someone. Watch to see if it makes a difference to your life. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Natalie Glasson).

"As 2012 draws ever closer, we, the Ascended Masters and Archangels wish to guide you all in a process of growth to prepare you for the new energies of 2012. We wish to assist you in mastering your beings, accepting new skills, preparing the Earth for the energies and love that will be anchored. As well as assisting you in placing positive and appropriate intentions into the reality of 2012. We wish to assist you in letting go of old illusions, making much needed connections and supporting humanity as you enter into an era of change. It is our purpose to make you aware of energies that need to be anchored at certain time during this period of growth and expansion. It is with great delight that we prepare to share our wisdom and practices throughout the coming months and as we enter into 2012. Natalie has been asked to channel our wisdom as we feel she will assist in anchoring the vibration of love into the Earth which is much needed now. When we feel it is appropriate we will channel our guidance with meditations or practices throughout the coming months which will be posted on this page for you to participate in and download. A small price has been placed on each download to complete the exchange of energy and to support Natalie in being able to work with us to share such wisdom. We feel that this is the beginning of a wonderful journey of growth and transformation, there is much that we wish to share with you and we will allow a variety of light beings to express their current light and enlightenment.

Archangel Metatron is the overseer of the preparations of 2012; it is his energies and cosmic light that will be supporting all processes of growth at this time. In order to receive the ascension energies that are needed for your growth now, you may call upon Archangel Metatron with this invocation.

'Beloved Archangel Metatron, overseer of the ascension process that is occurring within my soul and upon the Earth now. Please connect your love and light with my soul and assist me in receiving the wisdom, light, love and activations that I need to accelerate my spiritual growth and prepare me for 2012. I am open and receptive. Thank you.'

With sacred blessings of bliss,

The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Light Beings"

(channelled through Natalie Glasson, www.omna.org).

Excerpt from 'An Insight into a New Reality' by Lady Quan Yin Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 29 November 2010

"If you were to analyse every passionate desire that you have you would realise that the purest intention of this passion is to enhance your connection with the Creator. For example, you may desire to live in a beautiful home surrounded by abundance and splendour, could this not be a desire to be surrounded by the beauty and love of the Creator, to feel the security and protection that the love of the Creator offers? It is important to realise that sometimes our physical desires are actually describing many desires and needs that we have spiritually. Many desires extend back to wanting to feel a complete and absolute connection and alignment to the Creator. Humanity often plays out teachings, lessons and wisdom through their physical lives, when we begin to awaken to our thoughts, needs and desires we begin to discovery more about our habits, beliefs and understandings. To address our spiritual needs will actually bring balance, beauty, love and abundance into our physical reality with very little effort. This is essential to remind yourself of often, if you are struggling with a physical problem, allow yourself time to contemplate the spiritual cause or need of this problem. If you allow yourself to rectify this and to assist your spiritual being and soul in receiving what it desires, then most often the physical problem simply dissolves away, because the lesson has been understood and learnt. It is akin to going to the root of the problem.

Most people spend much of their time and efforts on nourishing their physical body and reality but now is the time to nourish your spiritual being and soul, to offer your sacred being the love and light that it requires, to support and love your sacred aspect, creatively exploring its energies and abilities. To do so will allow your spiritual self to blossom which will naturally nourish and cultivate your entire being and reality. It could be compared to having a garden before you that needs your attention, you also have a shed filled with all the garden tools and equipment that you could ever need but because you are fearful of going into the shed or you cannot find the will power to discover the key to unlock the shed door you potter around the garden using anything that you can find to assist you. Of course you could do so much more if you were able to use the tools available to you. When you begin to feed your spiritual being and soul it is as if you are going into the shed and picking the most appropriate tool and therefore allow the beauty of the garden to blossom beyond your imagination. When you were tending to the garden with scraps that you had found this is akin to trying to solve a physical problem without understanding its purpose and meaning in your reality, because you are not looking in the correct place (within you) you may never find the answer to physical problems.

I can imagine many people thinking that it is difficult for them to access their spiritual abilities and skills as they do not understand how to, but in truth all I am asking you to do is to realise that there is a spiritual meaning and purpose behind every physical experience, desire and need, addressing the spiritual aspect allows your physical life to adopt a new balance, through this process you begin to connect with your spiritual self, nurture your spiritual self and therefore allow your spiritual skills and abilities to flourish.
Acknowledging that our physical desires and needs can offer many spiritual teachings also allows us to begin to see a separation between the truth of the Creator and our physical realities, we may notice that some aspects of our life or beliefs are simply false or are irrational because of the fears that we hold. Humans place complete and absolute trust in their physical realities, they trust that the pavement they walk upon, the house they live in and the food they eat is real and solid; it is this belief that fuels their reality. If you begin to realise that your life and energy are limitless, that you are more than you currently see, you have immense powers and abilities and that there is a world and reality beyond the Earth then your consciousness will begin to shift. You will realise that when you believe that physical energies, experiences and situations can be altered by you and that you hold responsibility over your actions and mind then the reality around you begins to modify. The more that we can lift our consciousness away from the physicality of our reality the more we begin to see the truth, aligning to light and love and incorporating this into our reality, thus discovering a reality that is just as real beyond the physicality of the Earth, providing us with much nourishment and support."
"You will find that the momentum of energy is building now; many tools will be presented to you to aid your spiritual development, but know that we are here for you always and love you unconditionally." - Master Kuthumi and Master Serapis Bey (channelled through Natalie Glasson, ‘Energy Acceleration,’ 6 June 2011).

"In the depth of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gates to eternity."
- Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet).

"Strive each day to make your life purer, richer, and more luminous. You will subtly and imperceptibly lead all of creation heavenward."
- Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

‎~ ♥ and so are you! ~ ♥
~ A friend
"As you create yourself, and build the spiritual atoms into your soul, you will be able to enjoy the fruits which the Lord has prepared for you in the higher state of life. If you find it difficult to restrain and control yourself when you want to, at those moments take a deep breath and say to yourself many times: ‘God is with me.’ Then be still and let All Good manifest you. You do not know how much benefit will come from this practice. Can you feel the angelic presences as you read our words? Cannot you feel their love and the purity of their souls? They draw so close to you. With them we say to you: ‘Forward, forward, forward, my children, gaining every day in spiritual qualities and powers which will be the most holy and blessed part of your life and the lives of all men and women in the future.’” -White Eagle (The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition. The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Liss, UK, 2001, p.40).

“Everybody is really lost. Very few people have reached their home. But your pilgrimage of finding your home should not be serious and sad and heavy; it should be of laughter and song and dance. If you can find your home dancing, laughing, it is true finding. By sadness and seriousness you are bound to find some graveyard, not your home. We need people who are seekers, but not serious. That kind of seeking, serious and sad, has not led man anywhere.” – Osho.

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    Egyptian Quote of the Year

    "I arise on wings of aspiration to Thee, O Isis. Come, descend from above, arise from below, expand from within—and fill me, Goddess. From the rising bud of the lotus, to the mighty branch of the sycamore, to the Moon and Sun which are Thine eyes, to the Stars which entwine Thy hair, all the Universe is Thine, Isis—as am I. O Isis, Goddess, Mother, Sister, Queen—the Ways are open unto Thee—I am open unto Thee"

    ~ Ancient Hermetic Prayer

    St Germain

    "Turn your eyes away from fear. Discontinue the conversations of fear if you choose to embrace the fullness of your heart"

    through Ashamarae, 2009

    "If you focus on the sweeter things of life, that's exactly what you're going to get out of life" - St Germain

    through Ashamarae, 2009, AFW

    “A light heart is a magnet for all that you love”

    through Ashamarae, July 2009

    "Alchemy is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realised man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part." - Beloved Saint Germain




    "The Eternal Feminine
    Draws us heavenward."
    ~ Goethe




    "In the quiet moments of our lives lie courage. In the everyday steps we take is courage. In love is courage. In being different dwells courage. In the cry against injustice lives courage. In the stepping up to responsibility lies courage. In reaching out to others is courage. If I've learned anything about courage and intuition it is that they demand that we live in the moment without preconceptions of how life should be." ~ Judith Orloff


    “God is not far away from us, but we are far away from God, and the only reason is our insensitivity.” – Osho

    “My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you canfeel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life.” – Osho (Come, Come, Yet Again Come).

    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

    "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears." - Osho

    “Whatsoever you are, there is nothing wrong with it. Love and relationship has not to be destroyed; only meditation has to be added to it.” - Osho

    "The head is a marketplace, the heart is the shrine of being. All that is beautiful and true arises out of the heart, never out of the head." - Osho

    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ~ Laozi

    "All the fish needs is to get lost in water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao." ~ Chuang-Tzu

     "There are many paths to enlightenment.
    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

    “Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.” ~ Laozi.

    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



    Don't be a stranger

    It's cold outside, There's no kind of atmosphere, I'm all alone, More or less. Let me fly, Far away from here, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun.

    I want to lie, Shipwrecked and comatoase, Drinking fresh, Mango juice, Goldfish shoals, Nibbling at my toes, Fun, fun, fun, In the sun, sun, sun, Fun, fun, fun,In the sun, sun, sun.

    (Red Dwarf theme tune)

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