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By Antraeus Voltage


“There are no guarantees. From the viewpoint of fear, none are strong enough. From the viewpoint of love, none are necessary.” - Emmanuel.

The world has been dominated by a closed, male identity which shuns experience, feeling and consciousness for some time now. Without feeling, sensitivity and openness, awareness is too limited and there is insufficient receptivity for one to be interested in truth (I mean ‘truth,’ not factual knowledge which is always confined to material existence). I’m sure that, for many men who don’t want to change, the ‘power of now’ is a licence to be whatever they are ‘now’ - forever. ‘This is all there is. My ego is the beginning and end. I care nothing about the wisdom of feeling and I have no hopes of evolving, of becoming anything more than I am.’ And, so, the West continues to project outwards and avoid looking inwards. Some people look through the window at the Self and conclude that looking at it is the same as being it. They are observing the observer rather than being the real observer. They stay out in the cold and never actually enter the shop. They believe they have found the Self but avoid the depth and appreciation required to enter within and become it. The ego wins every time.

I myself, being so sensitive, easily switch off my feelings towards people in order to protect myself from pain. Looking back, there are only a few people (all female) to whom I have been close who have not hurt me in one way or another. And, when a person has crossed that line, I have simply banished them. They rarely seem to understand. It is simply that, as the Sun goes down, the flower closes. But people’s emotional worlds resemble more the night. They accommodate pain as being par for the course. I am very independent and have rejected that sense of dependency and belonging that is so familiar in family and personal circles. I can be accused of going to the opposite extreme, however. I particularly seem to clash with men whom I imagine are fire/water types whose egos are expressed through emotional bonding in order to feel safe or in control. They manipulate and expect a sharing process similar to which many women need and experience but in a more aggressive or quietly dominant way. I am always reluctant to respond in way that I sense intuitively or psychically I am expected to. Any obligation to conform to someone’s expectations immediately ignites my rebellious nature. Hence, those kinds of men really don’t like me! They feel threatened by my detached attitude and my self-contained (and repressive or self-controlled) fire/earth nature.

“You can discover your emotional body by making a decree that you believe emotions can be trusted. Decree that you believe emotions are good, that they are safe, that they can take you somewhere, that they are beneficial and that they are not just in the way or misunderstood…You need your emotions. We cannot emphasise that enough. Some of you pride yourselves on the fact that you don’t have emotion. This will not work much longer because you will find that what you pride yourself on will bring about your destruction.” – The Pleiadians (Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, Bear & Company, Inc., Santa Fe, New Mexico, US, 1992, p.229-230).

The flower of the heart may not need to close up and hide its beauty and fragrance as night approaches. Greater love and compassion, greater patience and strength, may aid a more balanced approach to suffering. It has been said that I torment myself enough as it is and that, and perhaps feel emotional pain too easily, and that this may be why, once such pain reaches a certain level, I shut down. The flower of the heart needs to remain open but its core must remain firm and express love and power. Whereas I have, in the past, had recourse to only one response, I now have more options to choose from. I’m still likely to close the door, much more quickly than I did before. The flower may close but soon open again, must with a different perspective, one of acceptance coupled with caution. The mistrust is there because the person has proven that they cannot be trusted. However, I no longer need to shy away from him or her completely and banish them from my life altogether. Being more confident in myself, and more self-aware, dialogue and confrontation are now options, as is sending love and light. I grew up learning to escape from pain which led to an all-or-nothing approach to life: accept or reject. Now that I have a bit more inner strength, I am gradually developing more detachment, which is a big lesson for me. I am developing a bit more patience and acceptance, more tolerance, when things go wrong or when life is difficult or painful.

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens." - Kahlil Gibran.

Q: Is this part of becoming reconnected to the larger reality?
A: Yes. That is exactly true. You are becoming able to experience the full reality, the true 'Now,’ that all of the great mystics have been speaking about. The true 'Now', which is of the inter-dimensional galaxy and of the universe, will be your 'Now.'” (

‘Multidimensional Sovereignty’

Channelled through Peggy Black


“Each moment is an incredible event, yet humans fall into the complacent vibration of sameness, numb to the wonders, magic and synchronicity of their lives. Each moment is a personal connection with the divine. When you stay in the present moment, conscious in your own magnificence, viewing events with joy, gratitude and appreciation there is a flow, a connection to the higher matrix, the divine weaving, in which all things are possible. It is through the heart portal that this higher matrix is available.

Gratitude opens the channel and you step into each NOW fresh and new. Humans have a tendency to bring the past into each NOW and that shifts the dynamics. The past will only recreate itself, slightly different in frequency, but a reflection of the same.

Each NOW that is honoured offers the threshold, the gateway, the portal to your divine manifesting, your divine flow in which grace is your companion. In this state of grace you are offering the collective a pure frequency that transforms everything it touches.

The hearts and minds of the earth dweller are awakening. This reality, this hologame, is a dense energy matrix woven in such a manner that it keeps you engaged, focussed, and addicted. Imagine, that the hologame you call your life which keeps you locked into a certain mindsets and actions, is only one program. This hologame is like one of your television programs.

Part of your service is being actively engaged in this hologame which is all about the transformation of energy. Humans are multidimensional transformers of dense low frequency vibrations. Transformation happens in the NOW in the conscious space of the heart. Most humans have shut down their heart. It is your service to uplift the frequency of pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection that is carried within your personal energy field of the heart. When these emotional frequencies are transformed, they become gifts to the collective. Once the heart portal is cleared of any pain, real or imagined, it becomes a powerful transformer, used in service to transform the dense, frequencies of fear, hatred, prejudice and numbness that is in the collective.

A powerful alchemical practice is to breathe into your heart the suffering of the world and breathe it out transformed. Another powerful alchemical practice is offering your joy, gratitude and appreciation into each NOW from awareness of your multidimensional sovereignty. We embrace you with gratitude and we leave you with the invitation to stay in your heart, stay in your NOW, flooding both with joy, gratitude and appreciation.”


“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” - Corita Kent.

“The Now Moment is a multidimensional vehicle that can take you anywhere (and anywhen) you wish to go. It is your seat on a train that takes you into the Oneself, and on to a new destination. 

Be aware that the ‘only moment’ that exists...past, present, and this Now Moment. There is only ONE.  But this One Moment has been fragmented into an infinite number of alternative ‘versions’ of itself - each one connected at its core and filed within the Oneself for easy reference.

The memories of your ‘past’ are created by hooking a sequence of the fragments together and attaching them to your present, telling yourself that these events happened ‘a long time ago.’ In truth, each of these events is also happening NOW, though they are occurring within other levels of consciousness. You cannot see them because your perceptual train has gone ‘round the bend’ from those events and created a space where you can focus on other ideas and agendas.

Your ‘future’ is an anticipation of events that (seemingly) have not yet occurred. But that, too, is illusion. There is only ONE Now Moment. Everything exists right now. It always has and it always will. But in this, your Now Moment Journey, you have decorated the scenery along your route so that things appear to be missing. In truth, they are hidden by a Veil of Forgetfulness, which you, the creator, have designed exactly for this purpose. You move from point ‘a’ to point ‘b.’ Then, you ramble on to points ‘c,’ ‘d,’ and ‘e.’ All are ONE, even as you also are ONE...

Do you know what you did yesterday? Everything. Do you know what you'll do tomorrow? Everything. It's only NOW that you can do SOMETHING. That is because each ‘something’ is simply a fragment of the ‘everything’ that is going on all around you.” - The Reconnections (channelled through Daniel Jacob, ‘What's Ahead for the Planet Earth?’ 2002,

"When mortals are alive, they worry about death. When they are full, they worry about hunger. Theirs is the Great Uncertainty. But sages do not consider the past. And they do not worry about the future. Nor do they cling to the present; and from moment to moment they follow the Way." - Bodhidharma.

“It's not that ‘today is the first day of the rest of our life.’ But that ‘NOW’ is all there is of my life." - Hugh Prather.

Being in the now empowers us to make conscious choices, which includes visiting past and future consciously, not being lost in them and losing sight of the now, the centre, one’s true self...

Q. So you say that desire actually is a stepping stone for creating my own universes?
A. Of course, but you’ve known this already. My explanation to you is your documentation, When one day you will be able to communicate your higher self after you’ve perfectly centred yourself within the now, so no psychic damage would be done within your reality, you’ll be able to get a crystal clear picture, since you will see, feel, know exactly as the advanced self does.
Q. When would that be?
A. My answer to you is the same as the one for the: What is my next question.
Q. But I’m ready for more, although I understand the dangers if I would not centre the self of this physical reality.
A. In your Universe time still holds too much relativity, therefore only the parallel dimensions are available to seeker selves. If you can understand the true nature of time as a non existing machine, you will be able to open up more portals and dimensions. The first step in the understanding of the true nature of time is to reside in the now. What would you do with knowledge such as creating micro and macro cosmoses that are in perfect union and can be carried like a laptop around? What would you do with it? Would it be forgotten after two days because you’ve created a world with perfect machinery, driven by your sneezing? Why would you need more when you are still learning through your desires as a human being? What is wisdom? Having billions of dollars but sit in a prison cell and not being able to spend it, or being wealthy enough but walking on a beautiful beach and watch the sunset with a person you include in your world?”

- ‘The Library Of Knowledge Of Everything’ (

“Our conscious mind is not just our own thoughts…Other people’s thoughts influence our conscious mind and we interpret these feelings as though they were first person, that we created them. It’s one of the real keys to being psychic.” – David Wilcock. [And thoughts being directed at us from the lower astral planes have more influence on us if we are unconscious, or where our consciousness is ‘weak.’ Hence, the difference between being conscious and aware. Awareness somehow broadens our conscious view to envelope other people and other dimensions. Just as the air unites everyone through the breath, true awareness is a state of being awake and viewing things from a 5D perspective. It is limited only by choice].

"God isn't the son of Memory; He's the son of Immediate Experience. You can't worship a spirit in spirit, unless you do it now. Wallowing in the past may be good literature. As wisdom, it's hopeless. Time Regained is Paradise Lost, and Time Lost is Paradise Regained. Let the dead bury their dead. If you want to live at every moment as it presents itself, you've got to die to every other moment." – Aldous Huxley (The Genius and the Goddess, 1955).

“It is time now to connect to the heart centre, the feeling centre, the home of your soul. For your Soul does not think – no – it  feels. And it is able to feel all, both the positive and negative emotions. I can tell you where there is too much negativity around you, the Soul will withdraw. This will leave you feeling empty – void of emotion and feelings. The Soul is not present you see, and so you are temporarily in a Soul vacuum until the Soul returns and awareness of feelings resume.” - Master Kuthumi (‘2009 - An Emergence Into Sacred Connection,’ channelled through Rev Lynette Leckie-Clark, 31 Dec 08,

“Thus do I call you Home to Me, into the living Now Moment in which we see each other, in which the gift of the Moment of Creation bears fruit with our one degree of separation that allows us this joy, this communion and this ecstatic expression of the power of Love in movement…In the Real relationship of your being, in the truth that you can find through your open heart, I Am the revelation of your divinity and I Am All That Is, loving you perfectly. With every breath I Am breathing into your heart My joy as your existence and the awareness of the perfection of My Heart that is you. Thus in the ongoing living Now are you ever fed true Reality. You are awakened to the power of Love’s movement, alive in you, as the divine as masculine and feminine - the two powers of Creation in endless movement, creating the energy to fuel everything.” - The Messages from God (channelled through Yael and Doug Powell, 'In the Midst of the Shift - From Gravity and Technology to the Atomic Power of Love. Keeping God at the Center,’ 11 September 2009,

"God is the infinite freedom to be from which all realities flow. Being that which underlies all that is experienced, God is both the creator and perceiver of all experience. It is that which creates itself - the creator and the created. God is that which you are - the unfolding creation of your own beingness. You are the infinitely free power of creation choosing to be you. There is no separation between your will and its realisation into reality. To see through the illusion of time is to see that there is only the Now. The Now is the unfolding of the eternal moment of creation. To live in limitlessness is to feel the strength to take total responsibility for the state of your life, for it is to know that you are the creator of your life. It is to experience, through the clarity of love for your being, that you are God.” – Story Waters (You Are God. Get Over It!, Limitlessness Publishing, 2005).

Since there is no time, we exist as all that we have been and ever will be. The fact that we might not be conscious of who we have been in childhood and previous lifetimes and have not foreseen whom we are likely to become (from a number of parallel timelines) does not stifle ‘their’ influence upon our consciousness or lives. We are multidimensional beings who also exist in other dimensions! We need to transmute the negative energies accrued in the past and distil and retain all that enriches us and assists us on our journey towards Perfection.

“In reality there is only one moment and within that moment many universes are occupying the same space in different dimensions. Just as we are with you now in this same space, but you cannot visually see us. Most of you cannot. It is because we are existing in a different dimension. Our frequency is higher and your senses cannot perceive at this frequency. So when you ascend you will also feel yourself surrounded by your friends and you will have bodies. You will have fifth-dimensional or higher bodies. But they will be much different, much lighter and much more enduring, much more filled with light. From that perspective you may say, ‘Wow, I still have hands and feet! Nothing has changed.’ For a moment you may feel that nothing has changed, and then you will begin to realise what has happened and what you have left behind and what you have gained. There are many dimensions in this universe, and many dimensions in the many universes.” – Archangel Michael (channelled through Eric Klein, The Crystal Stair. A Guide to Ascension, Oughton House Publications, CA, US, 1990, p.95).

“If you want to stay grounded in the higher dimensions, well that's almost an oxymoron is it not, but if you want to stay grounded in the higher dimensions it's to do it in the now moment, and thus you are literally, shall we say, forming the habit of being there. And this Beloved Ones, is the goal.” - Ashtar (channelled through Susan Leland, ‘Experiencing Separation Into Oneness,’27 July 2010,

“You must be willing not only to let go of the past; you must also be willing to turn to the future. You live in the now. We are not suggesting that you blind yourself with future hopes any more than we are encouraging you to be lost in the labyrinth of the past. No. Live in the now, but motivate yourself with the future.

            Develop a Dream. Fill yourself with the desire, imagination and expectancy of what someday can be. Start looking at who you can become. Yes, admit how you have been. Recognise what you have done. Acknowledge that it was you who created that pain – that ugliness. Then forgive yourself and change. Let go of the past, and reach joyously for the future.

            You have a basic choice. You can either wear the mask of the negative ego and live constantly trying to vindicate or rectify the past, or you can wear the mantle of your Future Self and live in the everpresent now, continuously creating more and more of who you can be.

            Both avenues are available. One leads nowhere and is filled with the sadness of inevitability and the pain of loneliness. The other leads Home and is overflowing with the shimmer of possibility and the wonder of love.” – Lazaris (channelled through Jach Purcell, The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self,’ NPN Publishing, Inc., Florida, US, 1987, 120-121).

“In the Now, by definition, all things exist, so, the more you live in the here and now, the less you need the concept of space and time because there are fewer details to focus on. When people focus on too many details and they think they have to make their life work by going through this step and this step and this step and this step and this step, well, you’re creating steps that require more space and more time in which to exist. But, if you understand yourself more holistically and just go from here to there, and skip all the intervening steps, then you need less time, will experience less time and less space. You will live more in the Now where everything is and you’ll recognise everything is just already here and now. And you’ll be able to access it more easily and the symptoms of that access will be more synchronicity and more slippage in space and time. And, also, more sensitivity to perceiving with your senses other vibrations, other dimensions, other realities, other frequencies of energies. That’s why more people now are also seeing more things from other realities. Seeing colour, seeing light they never saw before, seeing what you all ‘spacecraft’ moving in other dimensions, seeing spirits of other people that have passed on into the spirit realm. More and more, this is coming into your society now because people are becoming heightened in their sensitivity to things that are representative of what’s really here and now. Whereas, in the old reality, you filtered 99% of that out. But, now you’re not doing so much filtering.” – Bashar (channelled through Darryl Anka,

Seize the Opportunity to Discipline the Mind

The mind is still identified with the realm of illusion until you decide to seize time. Recognising its great gift to you - not as a punishment, not as a duty, but as an opportunity to become wholly free. And to smile within your heart because you know that you are one with God.

Decide to seize the opportunity to discipline the mind, so that it comes to be identified with the stream of Christ Mind, whispering like a quiet voice underneath the roar and the din of the ego's conflicted world. For the world of the ego is filled with fear, doubt, judgement, the need to be right, the need to make others wrong, and the need to believe that there is some power source outside of itself.

When you awaken and realise that the Truth is true always, you will not ever complain about a moment of experience in which you have the power to desire differently. For as you desire, you will perceive. And as you perceive, you will experience. The whole game is simply this: You are totally free. Right here, and right now. You cannot do anything to become free. You can only remember your freedom by how you choose to use the mind in any moment.

Time is an illusion. The things that pass by, the phenomena of space and time, are just shadows that you have interpreted in a certain way. There is no gain; there is no loss. There is nothing to fear. The world can add nothing to you nor take anything away.  You are merely here in this temporary classroom with an opportunity to do what any master in any dimension can do, for you hold the same power as I do-you hold the power to teach only Love. And what you teach, you must necessarily and immediately learn.

Therefore, learn well to observe the mind:

What am I really desiring?”

- Jeshua ben Joseph (channelled through Jayem, The Way of Mastery, p.248).

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and looking back we see how much time has speeded up for you. It will continue to do so until you reach the point of Ascension, when your upliftment will leave you in the higher dimensions where all is in the Now. Your lives will be transformed into what seems to be a dream world, yet for you it will be perfectly real. You will be returning to a life experience that was once so familiar to you, that will bring you great joy and happiness. We are certainly very happy for you, and after your journeys in duality you have thoroughly earnt the opportunity to ascend. The Creator has kept to the plan for your release from duality, so that you could become unique Beings with a full consciousness level. We will then become as One and travel the Universe as Galactic Beings.” - SaLuSa  (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 5 November 2010,

Na-Nu Na-Nu, as the Orkans say.

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    "I arise on wings of aspiration to Thee, O Isis. Come, descend from above, arise from below, expand from within—and fill me, Goddess. From the rising bud of the lotus, to the mighty branch of the sycamore, to the Moon and Sun which are Thine eyes, to the Stars which entwine Thy hair, all the Universe is Thine, Isis—as am I. O Isis, Goddess, Mother, Sister, Queen—the Ways are open unto Thee—I am open unto Thee"

    ~ Ancient Hermetic Prayer

    St Germain

    "Turn your eyes away from fear. Discontinue the conversations of fear if you choose to embrace the fullness of your heart"

    through Ashamarae, 2009

    "If you focus on the sweeter things of life, that's exactly what you're going to get out of life" - St Germain

    through Ashamarae, 2009, AFW

    “A light heart is a magnet for all that you love”

    through Ashamarae, July 2009

    "Alchemy is the science of the mystic and it is the forte of the self-realised man who, having sought, has found himself to be one with God and is willing to play his part." - Beloved Saint Germain




    "The Eternal Feminine
    Draws us heavenward."
    ~ Goethe




    "In the quiet moments of our lives lie courage. In the everyday steps we take is courage. In love is courage. In being different dwells courage. In the cry against injustice lives courage. In the stepping up to responsibility lies courage. In reaching out to others is courage. If I've learned anything about courage and intuition it is that they demand that we live in the moment without preconceptions of how life should be." ~ Judith Orloff


    “God is not far away from us, but we are far away from God, and the only reason is our insensitivity.” – Osho

    “My whole teaching consists of two words, meditation and love. Meditate so that you canfeel immense silence, and love so that your life can become a song, a dance, a celebration. You will have to move between the two, and if you can move easily, if you can move without any effort, you have learned the greatest thing in life.” – Osho (Come, Come, Yet Again Come).

    “A real Master is not a teacher: a real Master is an awakener. His function is totally different from a teacher; his function is far more difficult. And only very few people can stay with a Master because to wake up after millions of lives is not an ordinary feat; it is a miracle. And to allow somebody to wake you up needs great trust, great surrender.” - Osho

    "The moment you start seeing life as non-serious, a playfulness, all the burden on your heart disappears. All the fear of death, of life, of love - everything disappears." - Osho

    “Whatsoever you are, there is nothing wrong with it. Love and relationship has not to be destroyed; only meditation has to be added to it.” - Osho

    "The head is a marketplace, the heart is the shrine of being. All that is beautiful and true arises out of the heart, never out of the head." - Osho

    “I do not ordinarily make prophecies, but about this I am absolutely prophetic: the coming hundred years are going to be more and more irrational, and more and more mystical. The second thing: After a hundred years people will be perfectly able to understand why I was misunderstood — because I am the beginning of the mystical, the irrational. I am a discontinuity with the past. The past cannot understand me; only the future will understand. The past can only condemn me. It cannot understand me, it cannot answer me, it cannot argue with me; it can only condemn me. Only the future…as man becomes more and more available to the mysterious, to the meaningless yet significant…After a hundred years they will understand. Because the more man becomes aware of the mysterious side of life, the less he is political; the less he is a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian; the less is the possibility for his being a fanatic. A man in tune with the mysterious is humble, loving, caring, accepting the uniqueness of everybody. He is rejoicing in the freedom of each individual, because only with freedom can this garden of humanity be a rich place.” – Osho (The Osho Upanishad).


    "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." ~ Laozi

    "All the fish needs is to get lost in water. All man needs is to get lost in Tao." ~ Chuang-Tzu

     "There are many paths to enlightenment.
    Be sure to take the one with a heart."
    ~ Laozi

    “Giving to others selflessly and anonymously, radiating light throughout the world and illuminating your own darkness, your virtue becomes a sanctuary for yourself and all beings.” ~ Laozi.

    Laughing Owl


     is the best cocktail
    (St Germain)

    “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    How to Charge your Water:

    Each one try this, and if you do not feel results at first, just go on, for you certainly will as you use it more and more: 

    "'I AM' the Presence charging this water with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    I also used this to charge the water that makes up my body - I placed my hands on my body stating:

    "'I AM' the Presence charging the water in this body with the Life-giving Essence which I absorb and which renews my body in Perfect Health and Eternal Youth." 

    Another way from Quan Yin to charge water:

    "With these hands and with this Heart and through the pure intention of God, this water (food) is blessed, removing and transmuting all impurities forever. God Bless this water (food). Thank you, thank you, thank you."

    7th-dimensional tool from St Germain for energising the water in our bodies and the earth

    (Our water is under attack!)


    "In a world filled with hate - we must still dare to hope!
    In a world filled with anger - we must still dare to comfort!
    In a world filled with despair - we must still dare to dream!
    And in a world filled with distrust - we must still dare to believe."
    - Michael Jackson

    Love is what matters. Indigo must shift to Crystal, to full consciousness. By demonstrating unconditional love in all his dealings with people and under all pressure Michael passed on to the summit of the astral realms. John Lennon - referring to himself as an ascended master - introduced him as 'Moonwalker' in the channelling circle I was in for a brief time. So he is a powerful guide and through continued loving service to humanity will soon ascend to the 5th dimension himself.

    "What we need to learn from children isn't childish. Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever-present and only asks to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognised within our own heart. Today, I would like to thank all the children of the world including the sick and deprived. I am so sensitive to your pain." - Michael Jackson (at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards, 24 February 1993, Los Angeles, California).

    "The whole world abounds in magic. When a whale plunges out of the sea like a newborn mountain, you gasp in unexpected delight. What magic! But a toddler who sees his first tadpole flashing in a mud puddle feels the same thrill. Wonder fills the heart, because he has glimpsed for an instant the playfulness of life." - Michael Jackson (From 'Magic,' Dancing The Dream, 1992)

    “We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair and senseless destruction we see today are the result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment. Often this alienation has its roots in an emotionally deprived childhood. Children have had their childhood stolen from them. A child’s mind needs the nourishment of mystery, magic, wonder and excitement. I want my work to help people rediscover the child that’s hiding in them.” – Michael Jackson (Dancing the Dream, 1992, p.80).

    "And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance." - Michael Jackson

    Breathe deeply!

    Breathing fully means that we are allowing our connection to the Source. Shallow breathing is a sign of denial of, and resistance to, our Divinity

    "Fill yourselves with love, with joy. Breathe in the prana. Breathe deeply. The prana is once again available to you, in such magnitudes as you have not known since Atlantis. It is the Elixir of Light, it is the Love of all Creation, it is the Adamantine Particles, it is the foundation of all life, all Creation. You have The All available to you, by simply breathing deeply throughout your day. A gift from the Creator. Take advantage of this blessed gift and breathe deeply, Dear Ones. You will lift yourselves up once again to the heights which you are soon to experience, a civilisation far surpassing Atlantis, as this time, there will be no darkness. There will be no misuse of power. You have come through the darkness and are emerging into the light and the light will allow no darkness. That Dear Ones is the beauty of the Now Moment which you are entering. You have succeeded and you will live and breathe the Love and the light and the joy and the peace and harmony, and you will experience the abundance which is your Divine birthright." - Archangel Michael (channelled through Michelle Coutant, ‘Claim Your Personal Power & Be the Love of Your Sacred Heart,’ 29 June 2010)


    Invoking the Mother Goddess

    Mahalaya heralds the advent of Durga, the goddess of supreme power. It is an invitation to the mother goddess to annihilate the evils of the world by her Supreme Goodness



    Love is

    Love is all

    Love is all there is

    Love is all

    Love is



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